Your jewellery will be amongst your most treasured possessions.

 Why should I have my jewellery valued?

There are a number of reasons you should have your jewellery valued, firstly and most importantly, the price of precious metals and diamonds has risen considerably in recent years and this directly affects the cost of jewellery. You may find that if you do have to replace an item that hasn’t been valued in years, your compensation will not be enough to provide you with a similar item.

The benefits of a valuation.

Having an up to date valuation will provide you with an accurate figure for replacement purposes, thus ensuring your item can be replaced with one of similar value. A valuation will be one of the first things insurers ask to see following notification of a claim and having this document to hand can help you validate your claim quickly and efficiently.

If you have purchased an item from somewhere else and would like it valued, we offer this service at a charge.

 Value Price
Tier 1 - Upto £5000 £150.00
Tier 2 - £5001-£10,000
Tier 3 - £10,000 +
  • Valuations will take up to 5 working days to produce. 

***Selected jewellery purchased come with a free valuation certificate from Klarity London.