We are extremely proud of our quality and craftsmanship and we believe you’ll love it as much as we do. At Klarity London, each piece is handcrafted to the highest level of perfection and quality inspected before we hand the piece over to you. This is why we are pleased to offer a Lifetime warranty on the diamond authenticity and a Lifetime Warranty against any manufacturing defects. We will repair and maintain your jewellery for a lifetime.

If you have any concerns about your jewellery or need additional advise on the matter, please drop us a line on 0203 538 2826 or email contact@klaritylondon.com to book an appointment to bring the piece in for a full valuation. Alternatively you could also return it via post however please ensure that you use the special recorded delivery service and inform us prior to sending out the parcel.

Upon a full inspection by one of our jewellery specialist, If your piece is deemed faulty we will offer you a complimentary repair or a replacement if required. If we determine your piece it not caused by a manufacturing defect, we will email you and provide you with a quote if the item is repairable before we carry out any works.

Please note you should be aware when buying diamond or gemstone jewellery that the naturally occurring stones can contain inclusions, irregularities in colour, size and shape and other individual characteristics. Our gemologists will discuss this with you during your consultation in more detail, and will usually alert you to such characteristics. We pride ourselves on our transparency, and our certified gemologists will always inform you of the exact characteristics and quality of the diamond you are purchasing, in accordance with its GIA certificate. Such characteristics will not be deemed a defect.

Please be advised that all our fine jewellery is handcrafted, each item may have minor inconsistencies and irregularities to another. Variation in craftsmanship is not deemed a defect.

Jewellery will be subject to wear due to normal, day-to-day activities and trauma. We do not provide a warranty to repair, replace or refund in the event of normal wear or loss of stones. If your stone appears to be loose, please bring your jewellery in for inspection.

Our warranty does not cover theft or loss, and we therefore advise you select an appropriate insurance plan to cover your item. See our insurance advice.



Restrictions of the Manufacturer’s Warranty

  • Our warranty only applies to customers who have purchased directly through Klarity London and are named on the proof of purchase.
  • Manufacturing defects do not include general wear and tear, scratching, stretched chains/rings, lost jewellery, damaged jewellery due to improper cleaning or storage.
  • The warranty will automatically be void if the item has been altered or repaired by another jeweller or workshop.
  • We recommend you arrange an inspection following any trauma to the jewellery, as soon as possible. The necessary repair may not be covered by the warranty, but we will advise on the best course of action
  • Please take advantage of our aftercare service which includes free deep cleaning and full check over services for your item. We recommend you do this when possible to prevent problems
  • You must have your jewellery serviced by Klarity London at least once every two years. Frequent inspections will likely prevent serious problems occurring in the future
  • Defects that occur when the item is in your care are not covered. Please note that discolouration can occur when exposed to certain chemicals, prongs can get caught and bent out of shape and stones can fall out when prongs are loosened, among other day-to-day issues. You should make yourself aware of how to best care for your jewellery, or contact us on contact@klaritylondon.com for advice