This is an age-old dilemma, and one of the most common questions we are asked – but we’re with you all the way, so here’s a few ideas on how to get your partners ring size whilst keeping it secret:

  • The Pinky

    Take one of her rings and slide it down your pinky finger, then make a note by making the place with a pen or a piece of string. Please note, make sure the ring is snug. Then pop in store to have ‘your pinky’ measured.

  • THE_FRIENDS_large

    The friend

    Ask one of her girlfriends or her mother if they know her ring size (if you can trust them to keep a secret!)

  • The Sleeper

    If you are brave enough, measure her finger with one of the our s

  • THE_PICTURE_large

    The Picture

    Take a picture of her and focus on the hand. Bring this in to store and remember to take note her height and dress size, which may also help find a more accurate size.

  • THE_CARROT_large

    The Carrot (Funny one)

    Take a carrot, put one of her rings on it then cut the carrot tot the length you need, carefully wrap this up in cling film and place this in the freezer. Bring this in to store, although we can’t guarantee not to have a small chuckle. Then make your partner a delicious carrot cake with the leftovers.

  • PLAN_AHEAD_large

    Plan ahead

    When you first meet someone, simply ask them. Make a note by emailing yourself with her name and size. The day may come, when it does all you have to do is search your emails. E.g. Subject : Name, Size L. If it’s been a while, you may want to increase it a size or so up to make sure it fits.

The cut out ring sizer

Simply click on the download button and then print out this free ring sizer. Once printed just cut out the measuring device and make a slit that you can simply take a measurement with. We recommend measuring another one of her rings.