At Klarity we’re incurable romantics. After all, we’re in the romance business and nothing says it better than an engagement ring. However, the ring is only part of the story. Over the years we’ve heard a few proposal stories from our many loved-up customers – here are a few thoughts we’ve picked up on the way:

Choose the Moment

Popping the question is quite a moment – and being proposed to is something your other half may have dreamed about over many years. Perfect proposals whether on a tropical beach or a picnic in the beautiful countryside all have things in common: They are thoughtful, romantic and memorable

Location, Location, Location

Wherever you choose to pop the question, it’s important to choose a place that has meaning for you both. Why not take her back to where you first met (OK, maybe not that nightclub on Ibiza…) and talk about what the future may hold. Make your conversation lead up to that one question—and ensure you ask it properly. In surveys, over 65% of men and women think the specific phrase, "Will you marry me?" is essential

A few ideas


    The classic proposal

    Take her out to the first-ever place you had a date and do it the old-fashioned way, on one knee! And remember to pop the question.


    The foodie proposal

    Make a cake (Actually bake and make it yourself) and write the proposal on the cake!


    The mountain proposal

    Ski to the top of the secluded mountain and ask her.

  • THE_LOVE_NOTE_large

    The love note

    Write the proposal on a note and leave it above the bed, in the bathroom mirror, on the fridge or in a her reading book.


    The sky proposal

    Hire a plane with a massive banner saying “will you marry me” across it


    The beach proposal

    On that romantic trip abroad why not ‘find’ the ring inside a seashell


    The theatre proposal

    The theatrical way, take her to the theatre and ask one of the cast members to incorporate you into the play.


    The marathon proposal

    One for the runners amongst you. Propose on the finish line.


    The cinema proposal

    Create a 2-minute movie and play it during the trailers before or after the movie.


    The New Yorker

    Propose in a romantic carriage ride around Central Park.


    Up and away

    Propose on a hot air balloon ride (Serengeti optional...)


    The jewellery box

    Replace all her jewellery with "the One new engagement ring."


    The hotel proposal

    When you open the hotel room door, have roses, candles and champagne all set up -- everything for a perfect surprise proposal.


Make sure you bring the ring— in a recent Men's Health poll, 38 percent of women said proposing without a ring is the biggest mistake a guy can make.

March 02, 2020 — Bold Commerce Collaborator

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