7 Easy Hacks to Save Money on an Engagement Ring

7 Easy Hacks to Save Money on an Engagement Ring


How to actually save money on an engagement

The first thing to do is set a budget, that way you'll have a determining factor which is fixed. This can help narrow dow your search.

Here are some of the best ways to save

  1. Set a budget
  2. Shop with reputable brand
  3. Stick with certificated diamonds
  4. Consider similar carat*
  5. Focus on the quality
  6. Consider a Halo design
  7. Consider alternative precious stones


1.Set a budget

It's easy to visit a store and fall in love with an engagement so it's important to set your self a budget and stick to it. It sounds simple but we all know easy it is to pull out that credit or take out attractive finance options. By doing some research you can manage your expectations by know what you can roughly get.

2. Shop with a reputable brand

You've heard so many horror stories of buying from different stores online and offline. Although you can buy jewellery for similar prices, the final product quality can differ quite significantly.  Be sure to check for authentic reviews and how long they have been around.

3. Stick with certificated diamonds

A diamond certificate shows you the authenticity of the characteristics of a diamond. They are independent of the diamond manufacturer and will display the gradings of the cut, colour, carat qualities. The most popular labs are GIA, HRD, IGI and Forevermark. Click here for more information on certificates. 

How to Get a GIA Diamond Grading Report | GIA Diamond Grading & Reports |  4Cs of Diamond Quality by GIA

4. Consider a similar carat weight

By understanding the how diamonds are priced you can effectively purchase a larger looking diamond with less carat weight. For example, by bselecting a 0.96ct you can save upto £1000 whilst still achieve the look of a 1.00ct diamond. Check how diamonds are priced for more information.

5. Focus on quality

This doesn't actually mean purchase the highest clarity diamond, in fact choose a diamond which appears eye clean and sparkly, so one that you can't see inclusions or blemishes with the naked eye. In general VS2 clarity and above is not visible to the naked eye, and some SI1's if they are very small or a clean SI1. Also look at the overall cut quality, on a round brilliant diamond, an excellent cut will appear larger then one which is only a good or very good cut.

What is Diamond Clarity | The 4Cs of Diamond Quality by GIA

6. Consider a Halo Design

A halo design can help make a smaller carat diamond appear larger whilst still being sparkly if not more and having a unique beautiful design.

7. Consider alternative precious stones

If the person your gifting is not adamant they have to have a diamond, consider alternative precious stones. Although still can be costly will still be less then a diamond. Diamond alternatives such as lab diamonds or precious stones such as sapphire, ruby and emerald.

More than the Mohs Scale – Understanding Gem Durability

If you have more questions about selecting the best ring for your budget feel free to book a call with us.


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There are several factors to consider when buying a diamond ring, it's important to understand the fundamentals as it will help you factor in which are more important to you. Check out the fundamentals of diamonds and how diamonds are priced.

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How are diamonds priced?

How are diamonds priced?

In order to understand a diamonds value and rarity it's important to have an understanding of the 4'Cs.

Once you have decided on the following factors, Colour, Clarity, Report origin, Measurements, Cut quality such as depth, table, girdle and fluorescence.

Diamond Anatomy, Explained

The next determining factor is carat weight.

Learn What Carat Means and What Diamond Carat Measures | 4Cs of Diamond  Quality by GIA

Here's some inside information on a diamond hack you can use to obtain a visually larger diamond without sacrificing quality and maximising your budget.

Diamond Pricing 

Diamonds are governed in accordance with a table known as a RAP or List price. These are updated weekly and are based on supply and demand from mines, manufacturers, dealers and retailers. (These are only available to diamond industry professionals.)

Its looks something like this.


Carat Weight

  • 0.30 - 0.39
  • 0.40 - 0.49
  • 0.50 - 0.69
  • 0.70 - 0.89
  • 0.90 - 0.99 
  • 1.00 - 1.49
  • 1.50 - 1.99
  • 2.00 - 2.99
  • 3.00 - 3.99
  • 4.00 - 4.99
  • 5.00 - 5.99
  • 10.00 - 10.99

So for example you could find a diamond which is 0.68ct which appears like a 0.75ct however is priced in a lower tier price bracket saving you £100's.

Same applies for buying a 0.98ct which appears like a 1.00ct but priced in a lower tier price bracket and again saving you over £1000 potentially.



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How much is a diamond?

How much is a diamond?

No matter how big or small the diamond, it'll be one of the most valuable purchases a person will make. At Klarity we'll guide you on how to make the most of your budget a provides true value at a price which your are comfortable with. Diamond prices are reflected in their rarity, size and quality.
How to Keep Your Jewellery Clean And Sparkling Throughout The Year - KLARITY LONDON

How to Keep Your Jewellery Clean And Sparkling Throughout The Year

Everybody, especially women, love jewellery. It's an accessory that one cannot simply do without. However, people are hard-pressed to keep it clean and sparkling. You can of course take the help of a professional jewellery cleaner, but these can be pretty expensive.

There are numerous ways and means thorough which you can keep your jewellery in great condition throughout the year. What’s more you can actually do these from the comforts of your home. They are easy to do, and easy to learn. Here are a few tips on keeping your jewellery clean and sparkling throughout the year:

Cleaning Your Precious Diamonds

The process is quite simple. Take a glass bowl, and pour some Vodka into it. Take your diamond jewellery and swish it inside the bowl. Take it out and then rinse it with clean, clear water and wipe it dry with a soft cloth. Moreover, if your diamond jewellery is really very dirty, then it is advisable that you dip a soft toothbrush in the vodka and scrub the jewellery delicately. This process will clean and add the requisite sparkle to the diamond jewellery in no time at all.

Cleaning Gold Jewellery

This is again a process that is easy to follow. All that is required is a cup of warm water, a teaspoon of liquid dish soap and a teaspoon of household ammonia. Your gold jewellery must be then immersed in this mixture and allowed to rest in it for a period of around ten minutes. After this, you must use a soft cloth to wipe them dry. You will be amazed by the efficacy of this simple process. 

The Silver Jewellery Tip

Your silver jewellery might just be the hardest item to clean. Many people try and clean it with a silver paste, but in the hands of the amateur, it usually ends up as a messy failure. An easier way would be to use a glass casserole whose bottom must be lined with aluminum foil. 

You must then add two tablespoons of baking soda and a tablespoon of salt and some boiling water inside the glass casserole. The silver jewellery then needs to be added to this mixture and allowed to sit in it, till the water cools down. After that, remove the silver pieces and buff them with a special soft cloth.

If you use this process, it's a surety that all the crevices and creases of the silver will be cleaned off all the dirt and the jewellery will sparkle anew. The best part about this method is that there is absolutely no need to keep rubbing the finish. This helps in prolonging the life of the jewellery and it will last longer.

Your Precious Pearls

There is no intricate process that will help you keep your pearls sparkling throughout the year. They will only be kept clean and shiny, if you wear them often. There is a scientific reason for this. The oil from your skin will help their lustre and keep them soft.

However, there are times when there is simply very little opportunity for you to wear your pearls. In this case, you can keep them in good condition by sprinkling some olive oil on a soft cloth and then wiping them gently.

Moisture: The Dust Trap

Always remove your jewellery before you take a bath or head for a sauna. This must be especially taken care of, in the case of gemstone jewellery. Such jewellery is quite sensitive to moisture and any exposure to it might lead to the jewellery pieces losing their sparkle and newness. 

Any amount of water on the jewellery pieces acts as a trap for dust particles and other residual matter.

A Simple Solution

If you don't want to put in too much of an effort with regards to your cleaning process then you can clean your gold and silver jewellery using a solution of fairy liquid and warm water. Make sure you don't use any strong chemicals, as the presence of hard chemicals will have a detrimental effect on your jewellery.

Proceed with caution with respect to cleaning your jewellery with a soap solution. Be well aware of the chemical content of your soap solution. If you are not to sure about this, then the best thing would be to apply the solution on an area of the jewellery that is less conspicuous. 

Jewelry Storage

Due importance must also be given to where you store your jewellery. This would ensure the cleanliness of the jewellery. You must keep your jewellery in an enclosed storage space that is also dry and cool. Any sustained exposure to heat will cause an irrevocable damage to your jewellery.

Use the above mentioned tips to regularly clean your jewellery, so it looks as good as new. The results of these tips might just surprise you with how effective they actually are.

January 22, 2021 — PETER NGO
Where did the tradition of a diamond engagement ring come from? - KLARITY LONDON

Where did the tradition of a diamond engagement ring come from?

The concept of giving of a metal ring as a piece of a proposition to be engaged is thought by anthropologists to have begun from a Roman custom. Spouses would then wear rings that were appended to little keys, as an image that they had a place with their husbands. There is proof going back to 3000BC of interlaced papyrus rings being worn by antiquated Egyptians, so it's protected to state the possibility of a "ring" has been around for quite a while.

When all is said in done, the ring is round to represent time everlasting. In 850 AD, the wedding band was given an official importance by Pope Nicholas I who announced that the ring spoke to a man's goal to wed the lady he offered it to.


Rings had been a typical commitment blessing since the early medieval times. There was evidently a jewel ring traded in the fifteenth century pledge of Archduke Maximillian of Austria and Mary of Burgundy.

For what reason are precious stones so mainstream for wedding bands?

Jewels are the world's most mainstream gemstone, yet on a superficial level, there's no substantial motivation behind why. There are a large number that are similarly as valuable, as strong, and as shimmering. Generally, jewels are overrated rocks produced using carbon. The promotion and grandeur and situation around the precious stone wedding band is really the result of long stretches of splendid advertising by the jewel business.

DeBeers is the greatest jewel organization on the planet in light of the fact that at one at once up a lot of their rivals until they controlled over 90% of the whole world's precious stone stockpile. At that point, they restricted the circulation of jewels out into the market as a way to drive interest, increment costs, and along these lines, their benefits.

amazon dream library

Many promoting lobbies for jewels came out promoting precious stones as a "show-stopper" or an indication of a more profound responsibility. They likewise had a mission called Real is Rare, endeavoring to excuse lab-developed jewels as not as significant or important.

However, in 1947 they made a trademark that had the most eminent effect on the whole jewel industry, or maybe, any industry ever. Their A Diamond is Forever crusade expanded the offer of precious stones by over half in less than 3 years. The trademark infers that precious stones are tough and that the estimation of the jewel was a huge image of the provider's adoration for the beneficiary. With this mission, DeBeers truly made an association among jewels and love. Purchasing/getting a jewel wedding band is seen by most as a pivotal event. It was connected to status, riches, and having "showed up" at a specific phase of life.

For what reason are jewels so costly?

Innovative promoting efforts, an organization with a syndication that deliberately restricts supply are generally factors in the apparent estimation of precious stones. Furthermore, DeBeers is additionally liable for the "rule" that a wedding band should be what might be compared to two months' compensation. This without a doubt expanded the normal spending on a stone by contextualizing it with a dollar sum. The size of a precious stone in a lady's wedding band is regularly observed as a superficial point of interest, however greater doesn't generally mean better.

Jewels are regularly estimated dependent on a bunch of details intended to assess a stone's worth. The 4 C's of precious stones decide their worth: cut, shading, carat, and lucidity. Notwithstanding, many would state that the genuine estimation of a jewel isn't from its specialized determinations; its worth comes from the amount you esteem the individual who offered it to you.

moissanite wedding band by dreamcraftjewelry on Etsy

Who wears a wedding band?

Generally, in hetero connections the lady is the one in particular who wears a precious stone engagment ring. Truly, men likewise wore a commitment band paving the way to the wedding to mean their responsibility, however that is more uncommon in hetero connections today. In same-sex couples, now and again the two accomplices decide to wear wedding bands and we've even observed an expansion in double proposition!

Wedding bands are commonly worn on your left hand on your "ring finger," otherwise known as the one close to your pinky.

Options in contrast to the Diamond Engagement Ring

Need to skirt an overrated jewel? Think about one of these more moderate and interesting other options:

lab-developed jewels – logically, primarily indistinguishable from mined precious stones without the messy history. Lab-developed precious stones are considered eco-accommodating, and more moderate.

cubic zirconia – a cubic glasslike type of zirconium dioxide. This orchestrated material is hard and normally dry.

moissanite – a precious stone simulant made of silicon carbide that is considerably more reasonable however offers a huge load of extraordinary shimmer.

gemstones – hued gemstones are getting progressively famous for present day couples searching for something a touch more exceptional.

no stone – consider wearing a metal band or a ring made of some other material, for example, wood.

tattoo wedding bands – rather than purchasing a band, have your affection inked for all time on your ring finger for an indication of deep rooted responsibility.

Searching for something more interesting for your wedding band? Click Here
Why Engagement Rings are Important - KLARITY LONDON

Why Engagement Rings are Important

Although we’re not as hard-stuck to wedding traditions as we used to be, one of the most enduring elements is the engagement ring. Considering the bride is given a wedding ring on the big day, you might be wondering why engagement rings are important at all. So why are they important?

Engagement rings were important in a historical sense because they showed the bride-to-be to be “unavailable” to new potential partners. In a modern sense, however, they’ve come to symbolize a partner’s commitment to their relationship and coming marriage.

The importance of engagement rings

The use of engagement rings can be traced back to ancient Egypt, but the idea was popularised by the ancient Romans, and it was from there that the symbol of the engagement ring became associated with the Christian tradition of marriage.

Back in those days, the engagement ring primarily marked the woman as “off the market” to other suitors. Remember, this was back in the times when marriages in upper classes were more for financial gain and power, and so many men would try and marry the daughter of a rich and powerful man.

As with many other customs, much of our modern interpretation comes from the Victorian era. While women were wearing engagement rings before this time, this was when many of the popular styles were invented, driven mainly by the rise of the middle class. More people with money meant more variety in the goods they were buying.

Styles such as cluster engagement rings were popular during this time, as were halo engagement rings with oval stones. During the 20th century, however, designers branched out into even more styles, with the art deco movement having a surprising impact on engagement ring style.

Although platinum took off as a popular metal for engagement rings in the 1920s, WW2 forced many jewellers to return to gold as their metal of choice. However, this changed again the 1950s and the latter half of the 20th century saw a drop in halo engagement rings in the UK, with designers again favouring square-cut stones.

What do engagement rings mean?

In the 21st century, the main purpose of engagement rings isn’t dissimilar from their historical meaning, although there’s definitely less of a sense of ownership attached. They now symbolize the commitment of both parties to the relationship: to the giver they show their desire to confirm the relationship, and to the wearer the ring symbolizes their agreement.

Effectively, engagement rings act as something of a contract between the two parties to someday (presumably in the not too distant future) to make the next step in their relationship: marriage.

Engagement rings can also be seen as a symbol of pride for both parties, particularly if the buyer does a good job in choosing the right ring. They of course also symbolize the love shared between both parties, and can act as a reminder of what they share, particularly if any difficulties arise in the relationship.


Engagement rings have always been a symbol of commitment between the two parties involved in a relationship, and act as confirmation for them taking the next steps. While some of their meaning might have changed in modern times, engagement rings will always act as a symbol of love and pride for both the buyer and the wearer.

Proposal Ideas - KLARITY LONDON

Proposal Ideas

At Klarity we’re incurable romantics. After all, we’re in the romance business and nothing says it better than an engagement ring. However, the ring is only part of the story. Over the years we’ve heard a few proposal stories from our many loved-up customers – here are a few thoughts we’ve picked up on the way:

Choose the Moment

Popping the question is quite a moment – and being proposed to is something your other half may have dreamed about over many years. Perfect proposals whether on a tropical beach or a picnic in the beautiful countryside all have things in common: They are thoughtful, romantic and memorable

Location, Location, Location

Wherever you choose to pop the question, it’s important to choose a place that has meaning for you both. Why not take her back to where you first met (OK, maybe not that nightclub on Ibiza…) and talk about what the future may hold. Make your conversation lead up to that one question—and ensure you ask it properly. In surveys, over 65% of men and women think the specific phrase, "Will you marry me?" is essential

A few ideas


    The classic proposal

    Take her out to the first-ever place you had a date and do it the old-fashioned way, on one knee! And remember to pop the question.


    The foodie proposal

    Make a cake (Actually bake and make it yourself) and write the proposal on the cake!


    The mountain proposal

    Ski to the top of the secluded mountain and ask her.

  • THE_LOVE_NOTE_large

    The love note

    Write the proposal on a note and leave it above the bed, in the bathroom mirror, on the fridge or in a her reading book.


    The sky proposal

    Hire a plane with a massive banner saying “will you marry me” across it


    The beach proposal

    On that romantic trip abroad why not ‘find’ the ring inside a seashell


    The theatre proposal

    The theatrical way, take her to the theatre and ask one of the cast members to incorporate you into the play.


    The marathon proposal

    One for the runners amongst you. Propose on the finish line.


    The cinema proposal

    Create a 2-minute movie and play it during the trailers before or after the movie.


    The New Yorker

    Propose in a romantic carriage ride around Central Park.


    Up and away

    Propose on a hot air balloon ride (Serengeti optional...)


    The jewellery box

    Replace all her jewellery with "the One new engagement ring."


    The hotel proposal

    When you open the hotel room door, have roses, candles and champagne all set up -- everything for a perfect surprise proposal.


Make sure you bring the ring— in a recent Men's Health poll, 38 percent of women said proposing without a ring is the biggest mistake a guy can make.

March 02, 2020 — Bold Commerce Collaborator
Can engagement rings be gold? - KLARITY LONDON

Can engagement rings be gold?

Finding your significant other may be a difficult task, but buying an engagement ring she’ll love is quite a challenge for some as well. When it comes to choosing an engagement ring, there are virtually unlimited options catering to all tastes and styles.

Choosing the best metal for an engagement ring could be a lot easier if one knew all the possible options available. The most popular available options that we have seen in the last couple of years are white gold, platinum or diamond engagement rings as gold engagement rings were out of fashion. Most people aren’t even aware that engagement rings could be in gold as well. After two decades of platinum and diamond rings dominating wedding jewellery, yellow gold and rose gold is back.

Gold engagement rings were standard from the 1960s to 1980s but by the ‘90s gold wedding jewellery had fallen out of favour possibly because gold simply may have been deemed too flashy for the time. The ’90s wiped out yellow gold and rose gold engagement rings, but now they’re back and it seems like they are to stay.

Gold comes in many colours, making it easy to mix and match. You could wear an engagement ring in rose gold or yellow gold. Yellow gold is made of pure gold mixed with alloy metals such as copper and zinc. The quantity of pure gold in the jewellery depends on its karat age. In the UK we use 18k whereas in Canada and the US 14k is commonly found.


Rose gold is made of pure gold mixed with copper and silver alloys. Rose gold is real but it’s not made entirely of gold and the more copper used, the redder the gold appears. Don’t forget to check out our 18k rose gold ring collection for the most unique designs. Custom made engagement rings are also available where the ring is designed as per your taste and liking.

So if you are confused by all the choices available for the best Engagement ring for your soul mate and would not like to waste your money either then wait no further. Contact us today and let us make it easier for you. Find your nearest Klarity London branch to explore our extraordinary and gorgeous designs in person.

See our top 10 designs all available in Yellow Gold here.





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Can engagement rings be resized? - KLARITY LONDON

Can engagement rings be resized?

When it comes to ring sizing, the closer you can get to your partner’s exact size, the more convenient it will be to adjust the engagement ring to provide a perfect fit since it is one of the most crucial, meaningful and special purchases you’ll ever make. Nothing can beat the feeling of sliding an engagement ring onto your partner’s finger for the very first time and the ring fitting turning out to be perfect. However, while you probably did your best to figure out their ring size, there's always a chance you might have miscalculated even if you’ve held your partner’s hand hundreds of times. It can turn out to be either too tight or too loose on the first try. 

jewellery manufacturing and workshop bench


Other times when the fitting of the ring might become an issue to some people is due to weight loss or weight gain when the band becomes too loose or tight and also sometimes, simply because they want to wear the ring on another finger. 

Whatever the reason being, the good news is it’s almost always possible to resize your engagement ring. Engagement ring resizing is quite common. If you are facing an issue with the ring fitting it's time to head back to the jeweller to have your ring resized. While the procedure is quite simple, it's not something most people are familiar with. 
For resizing the engagement rings Jewellers use several different methods however two methods are usually employed for engagement rings because of their design and these include upsizing and downsizing ring. To increase the size of the ring, the jeweller will cut the ring and spread the metal in order to fill the gap with additional materials. Afterward, the ring is soldered together and forms a larger size. However, there is nothing to worry about here because once the process is completed, there will be no evidence that the ring was ever cut. To downsize a ring, the jeweller cuts the ring and removes portions of the metal before soldering the ring back together. This is done carefully and precisely to increase the size of the ring without any apparent visual signs that it’s been resized. Since your jeweller will need to add more material to the ring in order to resize it up, it usually costs more to make an engagement ring larger than to make it smaller. 


Resizing a ring usually costs from £70 and takes around 3-5 working days. Here at Klarity London branch we also offer an express next day resizing service with charges starting from £120. Whilst the resize can take up to 6 hours and can occasionally be completed on the same day if it is booked in advance which is the recommended option as well. When the ring is being resized, it also comes with a complimentary polish as standard, the details of which are mentioned on our official site. 


Hence if your engagement ring fitting is an issue and you will like a budget-friendly and the most excellent ring resizing services within reach, then look no further. You have arrived at the perfect place.

Contact us today for further details or visit our office in person.

Book an appointment here.



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How to wear wedding and engagement rings - KLARITY LONDON

How to wear wedding and engagement rings

How to wear your engagement ring or wedding band

During a wedding, there are plenty of diverse rings that will help you mark the exceptional moment. Wearing a ring is pretty simple, don’t fear if you get confused about how to wear them. The fourth finger on your right hand is for the engagement ring. Move your engagement ring to your left hand, on the fourth finger when married. However, the wedding ring should be kept closer to the heart so it goes first and then comes the engagement ring.  Wearing the eternity ring depends on you. You can wear it on top of your wedding and engagement ring otherwise wear it on the opposite hand.

To stay away from any slip-up when you get confused by the options, you must know what each ring represents. Here’s a rundown of the principle of each one and where to put them on:

  1. Engagement Rings

Anthropologists believe that engagement rings originated from a Roman tradition where women used to wear rings connected to tiny keys to represent their engagement. This shows that engagement rings  have been popular for centuries. The engagement rings that were extremely in fashion throughout the 15th and the 17th centuries in England and France, were the Gimmal rings and Posie rings. The Gimmal ring that features two to three links that fit as one to form a ring. The Posie ring is a metal band that features a small message on their shell. Archduke Maximillian of Austria presented the first-ever diamond engagement rings to his fiancé, Mary of Burgundy, back in 1477, which became a trend in the European aristocracy that is now a tradition till this date.

Engagement rings  are usually worn by a woman that is given to her by her partner who has proposed marriage to her. She wears it to signify that she is engaged to be married. At the time of the marriage, the bride-to-be removes her Engagement ring and puts it back on later.


The fourth finger of your right hand is usually for the Engagement ring. The Engagement ring should be shifted to the opposite hand (same finger) after getting married and position it on top of your wedding ring



A promise of a future together is symbolised by the

wedding ring . and a love that is complete and everlasting is represented by its round shape.

wedding ring is as old as the Engagement ring, being in style amongst the primeval Greeks and Romans. At the present time, both spouses wear them but earlier it was only the wives who were supposed to wear them. Some had two different wedding rings, one for wearing inside and the other in public. Wearing of wedding rings wasn’t traditional for both spouses until the 20th century In the United States. Platinum and gold are the most popular materials for wedding ring however, it comes in a diversity of designs and materials.

The fourth finger on your left hand is usually for the wedding ring. It was assumed by the Ancient cultures that this finger had a vein that leads straight to the heart. Currently, the tradition is still followed but it has been confirmed that this vein doesn’t exist. We stock 3 beautiful mens ring collections. Classic bands, luxury bleu royale collection and the out of this world Carlex collection.


  1. Eternity rings

 This ring isn't one you would get together with your engagement band or wedding band but on significant marriage landmarks such as to celebrate a wedding anniversary, the birth of a couple first newborn and other well-known and significant events of their marriage life.


These eternity rings or otherwise called infinity rings are an image of everlasting affection and as well as of extravagance. These eminent rings include indistinguishable cut diamonds encrusted all around the metal band and have an outstanding glow that sparkles around the band, regardless of which point you are taking a gander at it from. For the individuals who have a liking for colours shall utilise gemstones like sapphires or rubies concurrently with diamonds

 Half eternity rings are as magnificent and extravagant as eternity rings yet the base constitutes pure metal. 

The eternity rings can be worn either over your wedding and engagement rings or in the middle. A better option for those with a bigger engagement ring is to wear it on the right hand.

Eternity bands and wedding ring ideas Noam Carver collection


What is the right order for wearing engagement, wedding and eternity rings?

According to customs, after your marriage, a wedding ring should be worn first followed by the engagement ring since it is closer to your heart than the engagement ring. They are both worn on the third finger of your left hand, However, few also choose to wear them on separate hands especially if they have shorter fingers since wearing two rings on the same finger can make it appear smaller. Additionally, it can be uncomfortable for few individuals to wear all these rings on the left hand as per customs especially if they have a very active lifestyle, so a better option would be to wear engagement and wedding rings on the left hand and the eternity rings on the right hand.

how to wear an engagement ring or wedding band

In the end, the decision comes all down to you. And you can either follow the customs and wear accordingly or be your own stylist and trendsetter and wear it as per your taste and liking.

7 Benefits of Wearing Gold Jewellery - KLARITY LONDON

7 Benefits of Wearing Gold Jewellery

7 Benefits of Wearing Gold Jewellery - Did you know that wearing gold has several health benefits? We’ve conducted some research - see the evidence for yourself!

Gold has always been a symbol of wealth and power around the world. 

It has always been a symbol of wealth and power. However, there is even more to gold than this. For many years, gold has offered incredible health benefits, which has been exploited by the surrounding communities. Normanlly known for its visual luxurious properties the recent rise in gold prices has also spiked a great time to invest into gold.


1. Gold helps regulate the body temperature

A lot people struggle with chills and variations in body temperature. Gold is known to deal with such problems as it naturally regulates body temperature. For example, women going through menopause suffer from hot flushes. Wearing gold jewellery can help them monitor and control their body temperature. 

2. Helps speed up recovery when injured.

Hundreds of years ago gold was known to help prevent infections and injuries due to its natural properties. 

3. Positive Wellbeing

Gold is known to carry positive energy properties which increase oxygen flow around the body.

4. Treats Symptoms of Arthritis

Wearing 24-karat gold against the skin brings some soothing effect and reduces the undesirable symptoms associated with Arthritis. 

5. Helps Reduce Stress

Gold jewellery boosts your emotional wellbeing and is a de-stressor, something everyone can do with today. It can also reduce anxiety!

6. Makes your skin beautiful!

Many skin treatment products you find on the market have gold as an ingredient. If you are after skin care products look for gold-based skin treatments. 

7. In Acupuncture

I recently went to see a Acupuncturists to help with a nerve issue in my arm. She explained to me how they use gold tipped needles to alleviate pain and release energy flow in the body. 


So here are 7 health benefits of wearing gold jewellery! I'm sure there are many more.

August 20, 2019 — PETER NGO



A man’s wedding band is the one most important and significant jewellery purchase of his life. He needs a band that will stand the test of time and the Bleu Royale collection offers precisely that.

Its thicker profile and heavy weight will endure the wear and tear of everyday life. Advise your customer to honoUr his love and commitment with a quality, precious metal wedding band crafted with the highest grades of gold and platinum.

With a Bleu Royale wedding band, future generations can enjoy the beauty and value of your customer’s wedding band just as he will. Create your own Bleu Royale Story


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