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Why Engagement Rings are Important

Although we’re not as hard-stuck to wedding traditions as we used to be, one of the most enduring elements is the engagement ring. Considering the bride is given a wedding ring on the big day, you might be wondering why engagement rings are important at all. So why are they important?

Engagement rings were important in a historical sense because they showed the bride-to-be to be “unavailable” to new potential partners. In a modern sense, however, they’ve come to symbolize a partner’s commitment to their relationship and coming marriage.

The importance of engagement rings

The use of engagement rings can be traced back to ancient Egypt, but the idea was popularised by the ancient Romans, and it was from there that the symbol of the engagement ring became associated with the Christian tradition of marriage.

Back in those days, the engagement ring primarily marked the woman as “off the market” to other suitors. Remember, this was back in the times when marriages in upper classes were more for financial gain and power, and so many men would try and marry the daughter of a rich and powerful man.

As with many other customs, much of our modern interpretation comes from the Victorian era. While women were wearing engagement rings before this time, this was when many of the popular styles were invented, driven mainly by the rise of the middle class. More people with money meant more variety in the goods they were buying.

Styles such as cluster engagement rings were popular during this time, as were halo engagement rings with oval stones. During the 20th century, however, designers branched out into even more styles, with the art deco movement having a surprising impact on engagement ring style.

Although platinum took off as a popular metal for engagement rings in the 1920s, WW2 forced many jewellers to return to gold as their metal of choice. However, this changed again the 1950s and the latter half of the 20th century saw a drop in halo engagement rings in the UK, with designers again favouring square-cut stones.

What do engagement rings mean?

In the 21st century, the main purpose of engagement rings isn’t dissimilar from their historical meaning, although there’s definitely less of a sense of ownership attached. They now symbolize the commitment of both parties to the relationship: to the giver they show their desire to confirm the relationship, and to the wearer the ring symbolizes their agreement.

Effectively, engagement rings act as something of a contract between the two parties to someday (presumably in the not too distant future) to make the next step in their relationship: marriage.

Engagement rings can also be seen as a symbol of pride for both parties, particularly if the buyer does a good job in choosing the right ring. They of course also symbolize the love shared between both parties, and can act as a reminder of what they share, particularly if any difficulties arise in the relationship.


Engagement rings have always been a symbol of commitment between the two parties involved in a relationship, and act as confirmation for them taking the next steps. While some of their meaning might have changed in modern times, engagement rings will always act as a symbol of love and pride for both the buyer and the wearer.

10 Romantic Proposal Ideas - KLARITY LONDON

10 Romantic Proposal Ideas

Great proposals are all about the two people sharing that special moment and getting engaged.

What is amazing for one couple is simply not going to work for the others. You've probably heard of some crazy proposal locations, but after hearing about so many peoples special moments it is always better if it means something and carries some sort of significance to you both such as your first date in McDonalds or that Starbucks you brushed past or the station you brushed past each other and never had the courage to speak.

Everyone has heard about the dinner proposal in some famous amazing restaurant  or dropping the ring in her champagne glass. Those are fun and have been done so many times. Think about it carefully, this story will be shared for decades to come, to your children, family and relatives over and over, so it is important to make it as special and unique as possible.

I guess your reading this because you are ready to get engaged to that special person if it be him or her. All i'm saying, make it memorable.

Here are a few suggestions as to when and how to pop the question that i have been able to share with thousands of couples i have bumped into over the years of creating that special piece for that special moment.                  

1)     Make it a SURPRISE!  Everyone loves a surprise ( if its something that want to happen) and your other half is probably no exception! This may or may not help you to decide to do it on Valentine’s Day, or her birthday, your anniversary of your first date, etc. If you feel that she strongly suspects it on a certain day; perhaps do it a week or a day early.

A proposal is all about surprising your other half. If they see it coming, remember it doesn't completely ruin it. The proposal doesn't have to be expensive. I've heard about so many people spending more money on the proposal then the ring it self. You could simply prepare a picnic at day or night, preferably night and have a friend assist you in setting up a candlelit dinner.

2)     It is important to stay super positive and make use of your senses, touch smell and sound. Play some tunes of when you first got together and let your mind wonder. It's amazing what you'll come up. Let those creative juices play. Picture the moment you first met them, where you were, what you ate and what was around you at the moment.

3)     The first date is a great place to start.  It might be a restaurant you first had dinner together at. Try to arrange for the same table. Or at the first movie you watched in the cinema together, take them to the same cinema, book the same seats and if you have the right contacts make a short movie and play during the trailers :)

4)     Looking for an idea that is very romantic and yet fun? Take a romantic walk in the city, it could be that first trip you took together, a stroll in Central park New York or London's Hyde Park. There are so many activities to incorporate and sights to see which would bring back all those memories.

5)     Do you want the proposal to be noticed by everyone in the place? Take them out dancing, speak to the DJ ahead of time, go to them middle of the dance floor and arrange that during “your song” they will pass you the mic so you can “pop the question” while everyone turns and stares. Or even you can rap the proposal to her!

6)     Just brought a place together? Do it at home just the two of you. Perhaps turn out all the lights and have a trail of candles and rose petals lead her to you.

7)     Playful? How a about a game of scrabble or charades? The answer of course being the question “Will you marry me?”

8)     The joke.... You could get a ring sizer (which we can arrange for you. Ask her to check her size. She will already be thinking “I guess he started to look into rings” but of course she won’t expect a ring at that moment. When she says “I think this one fits”; say “Here’s another one to try on.” I always recommend taking a ring size in the first month of meeting someone, you never where life will take you and by the time you plan to propose they'll never suspect it!

9)     Take a late night walk on the beach. Bury the ring in the sand somewhere you know or pretend that it is buried and go on that knee and do the deed.

10) Movie/Social media proposal? Video your proposal and post it on YouTube. Get both you family and friends involved, have them leave a few messages on the video before you show it to her.

Guys whatever way you go with your proposal; remember a couple of things. Remember the romance! Get down on one knee, pull out the diamond engagement ring and speak sincerely from the heart. And arrange for someone to take pictures; doesn't need to be done by a pro. Just capture those special moments...just remember the key is to be romantic and to do it your way.


Here you find it, 10 Romantic Proposal Ideas, feel free to use them and improve it and send in your stories! We would love to hear yours...

March 28, 2019 — PETER NGO