No matter how big or small the diamond, it'll be one of the most valuable purchases a person will make. At Klarity we'll guide you on how to make the most of your budget a provides true value at a price which your are comfortable with.


Diamond prices are reflected in their rarity, size and quality. The higher the quality of the cut, clarity and carat the rarer the diamond is and therefore the value is greater. Check how are diamonds priced for a breakdown of how they are priced and some inside trade secrets on how to maximise your value.

To value a diamond you need to understand the 4C's how each impacts the rarity and price. Once you have a basic understanding this will help you decide on whats best for you. Like any purchase it's good to understand what you are buying and what fundamentals differentiate diamonds apart from each other.



Engagement rings are available in a range of price points. from as little as £500 for a beautiful looking ring all the way to over £100k. In todays economy buyers typically spend between £2,000 to £15,000 and upwards. Here we offer a bespoke service which allows you to not only create your beautiful piece but to also match your specific budget. 

for us, bespoke doesn't mean expensive, it means you get to decide what design you would like and how much you would like to spend. In recent years, diamonds, settings and gemstones have risen in costs. 

We can help you in 3 easy steps

1. Pick a design

2. Select a budget

3. Speak to one of our qualified jewellery designer gemologists which will help your source the perfect centre stone.

Here is a guide price on ring settings

  • Solitaire - £500+
  • Trilogy - £1000+
  • Diamond Set Shoulders - £1300+
  • Halo Designs  - £1500+

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