7 Benefits of Wearing Gold Jewellery - Did you know that wearing gold has several health benefits? We’ve conducted some research - see the evidence for yourself!

Gold has always been a symbol of wealth and power around the world. 

It has always been a symbol of wealth and power. However, there is even more to gold than this. For many years, gold has offered incredible health benefits, which has been exploited by the surrounding communities. Normanlly known for its visual luxurious properties the recent rise in gold prices has also spiked a great time to invest into gold.


1. Gold helps regulate the body temperature

A lot people struggle with chills and variations in body temperature. Gold is known to deal with such problems as it naturally regulates body temperature. For example, women going through menopause suffer from hot flushes. Wearing gold jewellery can help them monitor and control their body temperature. 

2. Helps speed up recovery when injured.

Hundreds of years ago gold was known to help prevent infections and injuries due to its natural properties. 

3. Positive Wellbeing

Gold is known to carry positive energy properties which increase oxygen flow around the body.

4. Treats Symptoms of Arthritis

Wearing 24-karat gold against the skin brings some soothing effect and reduces the undesirable symptoms associated with Arthritis. 

5. Helps Reduce Stress

Gold jewellery boosts your emotional wellbeing and is a de-stressor, something everyone can do with today. It can also reduce anxiety!

6. Makes your skin beautiful!

Many skin treatment products you find on the market have gold as an ingredient. If you are after skin care products look for gold-based skin treatments. 

7. In Acupuncture

I recently went to see a Acupuncturists to help with a nerve issue in my arm. She explained to me how they use gold tipped needles to alleviate pain and release energy flow in the body. 


So here are 7 health benefits of wearing gold jewellery! I'm sure there are many more.

August 20, 2019 — PETER NGO


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