How to wear your engagement ring or wedding band

During a wedding, there are plenty of diverse rings that will help you mark the exceptional moment. Wearing a ring is pretty simple, don’t fear if you get confused about how to wear them. The fourth finger on your right hand is for the engagement ring. Move your engagement ring to your left hand, on the fourth finger when married. However, the wedding ring should be kept closer to the heart so it goes first and then comes the engagement ring.  Wearing the eternity ring depends on you. You can wear it on top of your wedding and engagement ring otherwise wear it on the opposite hand.

To stay away from any slip-up when you get confused by the options, you must know what each ring represents. Here’s a rundown of the principle of each one and where to put them on:

  1. Engagement Rings

Anthropologists believe that engagement rings originated from a Roman tradition where women used to wear rings connected to tiny keys to represent their engagement. This shows that engagement rings  have been popular for centuries. The engagement rings that were extremely in fashion throughout the 15th and the 17th centuries in England and France, were the Gimmal rings and Posie rings. The Gimmal ring that features two to three links that fit as one to form a ring. The Posie ring is a metal band that features a small message on their shell. Archduke Maximillian of Austria presented the first-ever diamond engagement rings to his fiancé, Mary of Burgundy, back in 1477, which became a trend in the European aristocracy that is now a tradition till this date.

Engagement rings  are usually worn by a woman that is given to her by her partner who has proposed marriage to her. She wears it to signify that she is engaged to be married. At the time of the marriage, the bride-to-be removes her Engagement ring and puts it back on later.


The fourth finger of your right hand is usually for the Engagement ring. The Engagement ring should be shifted to the opposite hand (same finger) after getting married and position it on top of your wedding ring



A promise of a future together is symbolised by the

wedding ring . and a love that is complete and everlasting is represented by its round shape.

wedding ring is as old as the Engagement ring, being in style amongst the primeval Greeks and Romans. At the present time, both spouses wear them but earlier it was only the wives who were supposed to wear them. Some had two different wedding rings, one for wearing inside and the other in public. Wearing of wedding rings wasn’t traditional for both spouses until the 20th century In the United States. Platinum and gold are the most popular materials for wedding ring however, it comes in a diversity of designs and materials.

The fourth finger on your left hand is usually for the wedding ring. It was assumed by the Ancient cultures that this finger had a vein that leads straight to the heart. Currently, the tradition is still followed but it has been confirmed that this vein doesn’t exist. We stock 3 beautiful mens ring collections. Classic bands, luxury bleu royale collection and the out of this world Carlex collection.


  1. Eternity rings

 This ring isn't one you would get together with your engagement band or wedding band but on significant marriage landmarks such as to celebrate a wedding anniversary, the birth of a couple first newborn and other well-known and significant events of their marriage life.


These eternity rings or otherwise called infinity rings are an image of everlasting affection and as well as of extravagance. These eminent rings include indistinguishable cut diamonds encrusted all around the metal band and have an outstanding glow that sparkles around the band, regardless of which point you are taking a gander at it from. For the individuals who have a liking for colours shall utilise gemstones like sapphires or rubies concurrently with diamonds

 Half eternity rings are as magnificent and extravagant as eternity rings yet the base constitutes pure metal. 

The eternity rings can be worn either over your wedding and engagement rings or in the middle. A better option for those with a bigger engagement ring is to wear it on the right hand.

Eternity bands and wedding ring ideas Noam Carver collection


What is the right order for wearing engagement, wedding and eternity rings?

According to customs, after your marriage, a wedding ring should be worn first followed by the engagement ring since it is closer to your heart than the engagement ring. They are both worn on the third finger of your left hand, However, few also choose to wear them on separate hands especially if they have shorter fingers since wearing two rings on the same finger can make it appear smaller. Additionally, it can be uncomfortable for few individuals to wear all these rings on the left hand as per customs especially if they have a very active lifestyle, so a better option would be to wear engagement and wedding rings on the left hand and the eternity rings on the right hand.

how to wear an engagement ring or wedding band

In the end, the decision comes all down to you. And you can either follow the customs and wear accordingly or be your own stylist and trendsetter and wear it as per your taste and liking.

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